Clinical EMR

Our unique solution adapts to the way you work.

Your choice of clinical notes - Type It, Talk To It, Write It, Scan It

Your choice of history view - Timelive view, Document by Document view, All in one view.

Single unified waiting room screen with all the key clinical information for any selected patient visibile at a glance.

Our Clinical EMR is full integrated with Medical Wizard's suite, therefore enabling a single point of data capture and making for faster and more efficient work flow.


  • Clinical/Progress Notes
  • Prescription Management
  • Pathology Results Management
  • Recall Management
  • Pathology request management with automatic results checking
  • Patient research
  • Incoming and Outgoing Letter Management
  • Communicate with your staff using our easy to use messaging system
  • Quick access to patient billing history
  • Multiple patient history views to suit your requirements
  • Compatible with 3rd party voice recognition software
  • Quick and easy content filters to show you only what you want to see.
  • Patient billing options for Doctors that want extra control in the billing process.
  • Tablet optimised version for the Doctor on the move.
  • Graphical display of path results to visually identify trends and patterns in results
  • Customised map view of your centre with the ability to move patients between specific consult rooms, theatres, recovery area and reception.
  • Upload your appointments to Microsoft Outlook so that it can be synchronised with your smart device.
  • Compare images capture on different dates and automatically produce presentations with before an after images (for Cosmetic, Weight Loss, Wound Care centres)