Hospital Compliance Reporting

Our Hospital Compliance Reporting module is simply and easy to use and takes care of all your compliance reporting requirements whether it's HCFP, PHDB, DVA or State Government, we've got you covered.

Our PRS2, HCP, PHDB and DVA Day Surgery Reporting System has been successfully transmitting data to government authorities such as PRS2, HCP, PHDB and DVA for over 15 years in private hospitals located around Australia.


  • Create data reporting files with minimimum effort and have them automatically organised on your computer.
  • Refined to minimize data entry and coding efforts.
  • Almost all required data is captured in the billing and administration process.
  • Intelligently automate ICD coding to a few mouse clicks and selections.
  • Minimal effort is required for ICD coding and other compliance reporting tasks.
  • A new pre-transmission data validation option prevents wrong data from being transmitted and reduces rejections to a minimum.
  • Receive the experience and expertise of our award winning customer support team, in working with your day surgery reports.