Eclipse - Online Claims

Lodge claims online with a keystroke and receive payments directly into your bank account without the hassle of filing out multiple forms and long processing times.

With Eclipse enabled, you have the power to do Online Claiming to Health Funds, Medicare and DVA. In addition you can perform Online Eligibility Checking, Online In Patient Medical Claiming, Online Patient Verification, DVA (paperless) and much more.


  • Private, Medicare, DVA and Participating Health Fund claims
  • Online Patient Verification - Verify patient details with Medicare and Health Funds in real time prior to booking operations
  • In Patient Medical Claiming - Submit an in-patient medical claim to both Medicare and the Health Fund with one single step
  • Cut down processing times from weeks to days
  • Receive payment for your claims faster
  • Covers all claims made under schemes and agreements, and those not made under a scheme or agreement (No Gap, Known Gap, Full Fee etc.)
  • Online Eligiblity Checkinng - Check the eligiblity of a patient for both Medicare and Health Fund benefits
  • In-Hospital Claiming - Hospital accomodate and theatre claims to Health Funds
  • Eclipse remittance advice - Easily match your claims to the deposits made to your bank account allowing for reconciliation and automated receipting
  • Claim Status - Quick and easy monitoring of in-patient medical claims means you can see the status of your claims processing with the funds at any time
  • Security - All claims data is securely transmitted with public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption
  • Savings - No transaction costs for Eclipse claims, save hours of staff time and reduce errors through online eligibility checking and verifications, claim lodgement and receipting