Image Capture

Medical Wizard image capture module uses state of the art image capture hardware and software to provide the users with a quick, easy and reliable image capture process.

For Endoscopies we have the ability to interface with your theatre equipment provider to give you the ability to capture images directly to your computer and assign them as part of comprehensive patient history.

For Cosmetic centres we have the ability to import your images directly into your patient records, thus reducing the need for separate databases and costly software.


  • Captured images are automatically included in the diagnostic reports as required.
  • Assign multiple images and use them in any document you require them on whether a Word document or a Powerpoint presentation.
  • Before and after images of patients, close up images of skin lesions etc.
  • Avoids costly film processing and printing tasks.
  • Automatically recorded and retrieved, bypassing the delays and costs associated with film based imaging.