Paperless Wizard

The Paperless Wizard provides a multitude of tools to solve your document management and storage problems.

Doctors will love having access to complete patient records instantly and securely without logistical hurdles. Staff will love to spend time on more productive things than endless filing.

Increase your workspace, protect the environment and have your practice completely portable, enabling you to run your practice from anywhere in the World.


  • Facilitate bulk scanning of existing paper-based patient histories with minimum staff intervention.
  • Completely automate the scan and assign process for system generated documents such as theatre forms, patient progress notes etc.
  • Ability to use Optical Character Recognition to read non-barcoded documents minimising key strokes.
  • Flexible and customisable barcode labels automate the assign process for external documents such as referrals and discharge summaries.
  • Easily implement quality control and document audits to ensure all system generated documents are scanned and assigned prior to archiving.
  • Avoid human errors and save staff hours of wasted time by removing the need for manual assigning and document tracking.