An endoscopy report writer with portable image capture that gives you a personalised, fully formatted report with procedure images ready in well under 5 minutes.

ScribeWiz was developed with extensive consultation by leading Gastroenterlogists and Surgeons. We have now achieved our goal of giving the ability for any clinician to produce a personalised, fully formatted endoscopy report with multiple procedure images within a few minutes with minimum key strokes required.


  • Capture high-res procedure images using the scope trigger button.
  • Auto-assign captured images to the patient record.
  • Select from a choice of report templates that reflects your style and preference.
  • Have the images automatically inserted into the report.
  • With a few mouse clicks produce detailed procedure reports with customisable comments and notes.
  • The referring doctor can receive a copy of the report immediately via secure email or can alternatively receive the report via snail mail.
  • The patient can take home a copy of the report on the same day.
  • No need to change your existing billing software and clinical software.
  • Avoid expensive transcription costs and delays.
  • Customisable to reflect your own style of reporting.
  • Perform detailed research on report related data.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Word™ (Trademark of Microsoft Corporation).
  • Easy to use and quick to master.